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Art Gallery - Mixed - Asbjorn Lonvig

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Asbjorn Lonvig

Granted the World of Art Award 2006. The World of Art Award (WAA) is granted to artists, galleries and museums that are pursuing "best practices" in art and culture. This competition seeks to attract artists, galleries, museums who are redefining standards of art excellence challenging existing trends and tendencies in art and culture.

Probably the best colorful simplicity artist in the world. 

"The art of the Danish painter Asbjorn Lonvig communicates at the first glance euphoria in a rough state. A so intense euphoria that the glance can not move away from the piece of his art", author Alain Joannes, Paris, France says in his new book "Communiquer par l’image".

ASBJORN LONVIG's CURRENT Art Exhibitions worldwide

Tokyo, Japan
Manila, Philippines
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Noosa, Queensland, Australia
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Quebec, Quebec, Canada
New York, USA (KiptonArt)
New York, USA (Manhattan Arts International)
New York , USA (YourArt)
New York , USA (ArtTrack)
Emeryville, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Los Angeles, Lomita, California, USA
Los Angeles, Long Beach, California, USA
Silicon Valley, California, USA
Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Forty Fort, Pennsylvania, USA
Dallas, Texas, USA
Denver, Colorado, USA
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
London, UK
Coton, Cambridge, UK
Horncliffe, Northumberland, UK
Peppard, Henley, UK
Rumelange, Luxembourg
Paris, France (Art Pour Tous)
Paris, France (ArtExpo)
Paris, France (FullDigitalArts)
Paris, France (AllArtOnline)
Paris, France (Avenue des Peintres)
Paris, France (Drouot Cotation des Artistes - Larousse)
Paris, France (Artabus - Vauhallan)
Cugand, Pays de la Loire, France
Saint-Romain au Mont d'Or, France
Madrid, Spain
Rome, Italy
Milan, Italy
Piacenza, Italy
Monterosso Calabro, Italy
Jerusalem, Israel
Aschheim, Germany
Bratislava, Slovakia
Uppsala, Sweden
Fredensborg, Denmark
Hedensted, Denmark


I’m a Dane.
Denmark is in Scandinavia just on the top of Germany in Europe.
In Denmark we speak Danish, so Danish is a language, too - not only something to eat.
I was born in the first half of the past millennium in the city of Brande.
Brande is known worldwide for its murals.
I was very honoured when the commercial council asked me to do a mural in one of the most spectacular places in the centre of the city.
I have done a lot of art works during the last two decades – posters, graphic designs, paintings, sculptures, relief etc.
Before that I was an IBM software specialist.

My artist statement is “Colorful Simplicity in art as in life”.
What I do is colorful simplicity, even when I write.
I try to keep things as simple as possible and I always use bright colors.
Just now I do huge paintings, acrylic on canvas, inspired by travel experiences and more.
I do interactive lectures using a fast internet line and a projector.
I write articles on different art topics to different art magazines.
And then I write and illustrate fairy tales to my grandchildren and to the world’s kids.

I live in Lille Fejringhus – my gallery, studio and private dwelling, including office and library.
I’ll invite all of you to visit me.
For a cup of coffee, an interactive lecture shown on a 300 x 225 cm screen and a chat on everything and nothing.

It's about the fact that the art market is predicted to grow 3,5 times because of the Internet.
It's about my decision to stake everything on the internet.
It's about concentrating my efforts on the internet when it comes to sales.
It's about my decision to make new standards and challenge art traditions by making my drafts on a computer and exhibit the drafts.
And insist upon that a computer is nothing but a new tool.
And insist upon that using a computer is as worthy as not doing it!!!



Image Gallery
Address:Lille Fejringhus Gallery
43 Fejringhusvej


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